Sunday, 25 September 2011


-Communities working together to promote causes such as HIV/AIDS/PEACE through running.

-Setting people free

-Inspiring and uniting people by having sporting legends support the events

-Cash prizes, sports equipment, school equipment providing opportunities

-Allowing two children to participate in an event although they are blind (inclusion)

These are a few things I picked out of this clip, These all show examples of positive ethics being encorporated through running.

Ultra Marathon Running Movie - Indulgence

"Engaging with the mountains" - This quote links in with affordances and spirituality, he is explaining how running makes him feel linked to the mountains. I find that when I am running I feel connected to the earth and this essentially feels like I am part of a much bigger thing, spiritually I feel free and I feel like anything that is bothering me can be dealt with, running clears my mind and reminds me that we are a part of something much greater. Running puts things into perspective.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

BLOG 1/6 Participation in occupation 2

Blog 1: Mindfulness
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·         Introduction
·         Mindfulness

Welcome back to my BLOG, this semester we have chosen an activity which we will be reflecting on throughout the semester. My chosen activity is running as I have begun a running program which I hope will train me to be able to run a half marathon (and live afterwards). If you want to join me on this journey, stay posted ;-)

Summarise your free writing exercise about previous experience of this activity:
This activity for me is something that I have always found extremely difficult and is an activity that requires a lot of hard work and determination. Running is something that holds great meaning for me as it is something that reminds me of someone who I hold very close to my heart who passed away only a year ago; this special person is my Grandmother who always told me stories of her childhood and all the running she did, my Nana was a great runner and even qualified for the commonwealth games, I find that thinking of how strong my Nana was helps give me drive when I feel like quitting or putting off a training. I find that I am good at sticking to my goals and so making achievable realistic goals to help me reach my goals is something that I use to succeed. I love taking in the scenery as I run and I always feel energised after a run.
What will help and hinder you in doing this activity mindfully?
I have noticed that after the tutorial I have been a lot more mindful while running; so the tutorial has helped me to be mindful. I believe that the activity gives me plenty of time to think so this will make it easier to be mindful of the activity. A hinder would be due to feeling so fatigued that I am purely thinking of completing the run and I block all other aspects out.
Where and when are you going to do it?
I will be mostly running around the streets near my house, and occasionally at the Hamilton Lake. I am running 3-4 times per week at this stage.