Sunday, 25 September 2011


-Communities working together to promote causes such as HIV/AIDS/PEACE through running.

-Setting people free

-Inspiring and uniting people by having sporting legends support the events

-Cash prizes, sports equipment, school equipment providing opportunities

-Allowing two children to participate in an event although they are blind (inclusion)

These are a few things I picked out of this clip, These all show examples of positive ethics being encorporated through running.


  1. This is an amazing clip Sarah not only are there positive ethics present but also positive communication is being promoted between communities, villages, the organizers and the world!

  2. Hi Megz,
    Yes I totally agree with you, there also would need to be great communication for the events to even happen, arranging all of the sporting hero's, the gear for the children. Pretty awesome stuff, I wonder what technology is needed for these events to happen, I don't think they would use facebook and twitter to get the event marketed to the participants.