Thursday, 20 October 2011

Blog 5/6 Practical considerations

Blog 5: Practical considerations
 “I get my trainers out of the cupboard ready for my run this afternoon. The first step is finding the appropriate socks as you do not want to pull your socks up mid run. I need to ensure I have shoes suited to my feet, which for me requires shoes with a raised heal as my calf muscles (gastrocnemius) get very tight when I am running so the raised heal allows me to run for longer and be more comfortable. I remember to tie my laces not too tightly as this has an impact on my shin’s (tibia's) and the surrounding muscles/tendons. Once I have considered all of these elements I know I have done all I can to make this run as comfortable as possible.”
For me practical considerations are the specific elements needed to perform the chosen activity optimally. These are things I need to consider in order to do my activity.
Having the correct shoes and socks and wearing them appropriately are practical elements I need to consider to prevent injuries and remain as comfortable as I can whilst performing the activity of running. Tomasetti (2003) states that “the proper running shoe is beneficial in helping to correct biomechanical errors that otherwise may lead to injuries and to alleviate pain associated with running injuries” (p. 19).
There are certain other elements I need to consider when running or preparing for a run; how do I ensure I have the correct gear? Should I see a professional to get shoes fitted for me? Can I afford to pay for the equipment? Is there certain terrain that will influence the type of shoes I need?
Tomasetti, S. (2003). Selecting a running shoe. Armed Forces Comptroller, 48(1), 19. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

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