Thursday, 13 October 2011

Blog 4/6 Affordance & Memories of my inspirational Nana

Blog 4 Affordance and Memories

Running through the heat of the day took me back to the time in my life when I was looking after my Nana as she was dying of cancer. I began running down the beach each day, sometimes twice a day, this for me was a way of coping, it gave me time to clear my mind, it kept me sane and meant that when I came back to look after nana I had a new sense of energy and a clear mind, sometimes when I would run I would just cry and let go of my emotions that I didn’t want nana to see, she was such a strong person that it didn’t feel right showing her that I too was in pain watching her suffer.

I found running was appropriate as she was a great runner herself and even qualified for the commonwealth games. Running to me means freedom, strength, and empowerment.

These days as I run I remember my Nana, her struggles, her enjoyment in running, our special memories and I find inspiration, I feel spiritually connected to my Nana, I feel her close to me when I get to the stage where I want to give up I feel she carries me, keeps me going and helps me as I once had the opportunity to help her.

It is important to understand memories as these can be important to an individual and can often give meaning and purpose for activities. As a therapist I think it is essential to understand why people do the activities they do and what the activities mean to them. Memories are a part of what makes some activities important and meaningful. 

Don’t forget about the pastwithout memories there is no yesterday” (Acosta, 2008). This comes from a poem which is showing the importance of memories even though some memories are painful.

Acosta, R. (2008, May 20). Ralph Acosta - poets page. Retrieved 10 24, 2011, from Poem Hunter:


  1. Afternoon Sarah :)
    This post is truly showing the essence of spirituality and how our activities can bring up so many emotions.
    It makes me feel for my loved ones and i understand what you re saying.
    Very good !
    Something to take away is maybe a quote to someone else who has the same feelings or who as been through similar, to make reference to? literature/ poem maybe? otherwise awesome.

  2. Haha Thank you Jess,
    This posting is just something extra I threw in which does express ideas around spirituality, although it is not one of my 6 postings labelled 1/6 - 6/6 so I haven't included an analysis or added quotes to this post, so you are quite right literature/poems would make this posting stronger and I would do this if it was one of my 6 official postings :-)