Sunday, 23 October 2011

Blog 6/6 Ambience

Blog 6 Ambience

"The relaxing atmosphere is a haven for me on Monday afternoons Bridget (n.d). To me ambience refers to the atmosphere and how it influences my experience of an activity.

I notice that there are not many people running around the lake today, usually I pass people every 2 minutes as I run but I am half way around the lake today and I have passed maybe three people I decide that this is because everyone is getting ready for the big game tonight, with this comes a peaceful atmosphere and I don’t feel the pressure to go faster or slower which is definitely an atmosphere I appreciate, the temperature is perfect and it’s lovely and sunny.”

That small reflection from my run is expressing the ambience I experienced as I ran today. Every day is different and it doesn’t always matter if there are people or not, this was just the feel I had with the atmosphere on this particular run, sometimes there can be feelings of tension, the weather often evokes different feelings in the air, a sunny day always feels enjoyable and a rainy day can sometimes express an atmosphere of struggle.
I believe ambience is what is in the air around us and present wherever we are, different situations, personalities, activities, occasions create different atmospheres which is what I would consider the ambience. 

Ambience can provide you with both positive and negative experiences, although for me I would usually notice a positive ambience and enjoy the experience, running often creates positive atmospheres for me, I feel like I am in my zone and the fresh air, whether it is warm or cold is always welcomed.  Perfect ambience whilst on my run would be a fresh sunny late afternoon run around the lake or by the river so I can take in the beautiful scenery, with a light breeze to stop me from overheating.

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